I am Sami and this is how it all began



On April 24-26 2015 my mom, dad, brothers and I went camping at Lake Babcock in Columbus, NE.  Mom and dad were informed that there were ticks out already, so they checked us 3 times a day.  On Sunday couple hours before we left for home they checked us again.  On the way home I felt a tick on the back of my head.  Dad stopped and pulled it off of me, it had already bit me and was attached.

We went home and I was fine until Friday evening May 1st.  I didn’t feel like doing anything, just lay around.  Saturday morning May 2nd I woke up with a head ache, that afternoon I got sick and vomited.  Sunday morning I woke up with spots on my torso, they were pretty lite. Mom & dad thought maybe I had chicken pox.  I started to run a little temp around 100.  I didn’t feel like doing anything except sit in the chair.  I wasn’t hungry, but I did drink.


Monday May 4th my temp went to 101, the spots were all over my body, face, palms of my hands even the bottoms of my feet.  I felt terrible and just wanted to sleep all day.  Mom called the Dr. and we went there.  It really hurt to walk so mom had to carry me.  I was still vomiting and running a temp when we got there.  The Dr. checked me over and didn’t take any blood tests, he didn’t think he needed to.  He was convinced I had {hand-foot-mouth} disease.  Told us it was very catchy and there wasn’t much we could do for it.  Let it run it course, which usually took 7-10 days. Drink plenty of liquids and take tylenol to keep the temp down.


Tuesday May 5th I didn’t eat anything, the inside of my mouth was so sore I couldn’t hardly talk.  I slept most of the day, was so uncomfortable.  I vomited again and my temp was fluctuating between 100 and 101.  By the afternoon I couldn’t walk, someone had to carry me to the restroom.


Wednesday May 6th was about the same as Tuesday.  By this time my words were very slurred, no one could understand what I was saying.  I didn’t even feel like drinking, I was scared cause when I drank I vomited.

Thursday May 7th I was suppose to be getting better by now, but I’m not.  I feel like I am getting worse.  My temp is still going up and down.  I don’t hardly go to the bathroom when I drink I puke, even the tylenol made me sick.  I don’t feel like doing anything, pretty much slept the whole day.

Friday May 8th no improvement, mom called the Dr. and he didn’t have time to talk. I know right?? not good. {mom & dad said, we no longer have that Dr.}


Saturday thru Monday pretty much the same.  My temp still fluctuated, wasn’t drinking as much as I had earlier last week.  I haven’t ate a meal since  Friday May 1st.  I’m not hungry and my mouth hurts so bad.  I can’t walk at all now, my whole body aches so bad.  By now I am incontinent and no control over my bowels.


Tuesday May 12th  mom & dad decided we waited long enough.  My temp had spiked to 103 I quit drinking, still not eating.  They took me to Norfolk ER at Faith Regional.  Had blood tests and it was confirmed I DID NOT have {hand-foot-mouth} disease.  The Dr. wasn’t sure what I had, so the ambulance took me to Omaha Children’s Hospital.  A whole team of Dr.s checked on me, took blood work and was 99.9% positive it was Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever.  But since they didn’t want to take any chances, they put me on 2 different antibiotics through an IV.  I was hooked up to oxygen since my lungs had started to fill up also.  Now we have to wait 5 days for the blood tests to confirm what it is.  I am in room 616.


Wednesday May 13th my temp fluctuated all day, so I had alternating tylenol and Ibprophen. Now my hands and feet are starting to swell up.  I cry every time someone comes in to take more blood work and they have to do this 2 times a day, 12 hrs apart. They moved me to ICU cause my lungs were filling up more- room 208.  My mouth hurts so bad from all the soars in it.  Daddy got me the unicorn, the nurses thought it needed oxygen to, so she now has a cannula on like mine.  Everyone is sending stuffed animals and balloons.  About every hour a lady comes to my door and says, “delivery”.  How cool is that?

sami in ICU

Thursday May 14th temp is still fluctuating 100-102, all I do is sleep.  I can’t keep my eyes open.  My whole body aches, no one can touch me or I scream.  My arms hurt so bad from the iv’s and blood tests.  I am still incontinent and no control over my bowels.

Sami’s vitals leveled out over night except for her blood pressure and fever. They regulated her breathing finally and she is sleeping comfortably right now with mama cuddled up next to her. Its still a long road of recovery for her with each hour having ups and downs because of the war going on in her body but I like her starting the day comfortable and her amazing medical team smiling about her current vitals.


Friday May 15th, its been 2 weeks now. Today has been a great day for Sami. Compared to yesterday and a week and a half before that she has made improvements. The wonderful staff has lowered the oxygen input because she is breathing better on her own now, they took her off of her I.V. and are giving her fluid and a couple bites of food by mouth. most of the blood work has shown improvement and has plateaued through the day. We will have a better idea on those with each blood draw. The next one is tomorrow morning. She still has the rash all over and some swelling. Very soar but is sleeping good. The staff is positive with the improvement and we think she is starting to kick this, but it’s to early to tell. Right now is a waiting game for her recovery. It’s still looking like we will be here thru the weekend and next week. Can’t say for sure at this time. We think all of the gifts, thoughts, and prayers have helped. We thank all of you for that. Mom, Dad, Grandma, and Grandpa did check in to The Carolyn Scott Rainbow House provided for families in need so we could shower and get a little rest… They are injecting the medicine right now. This process is extremely painful for her. It burns really bad and she don’t like it. Moved her to room 424 out of ICU.  Taken out of isolation so instead of her seeing all these people in scary doctor masks she gets to see their beautiful faces.. Also she gets to move from ICU to a recovering floor; which is where she will hopefully be for the rest of her stay…She is now off of fluid restriction and gets to drink as much as she wants! she is going to be ex tactic about that when she wakes up…They are taking her off of one of the 2 antibiotics because it isn’t a bacterial infection…They are going to start physical therapy today to help her walk again…hearing the great news definitely lifted mom & dad off the floor…We are seeing great things! heart emoticon Thank you for the positive energy and prayers…The power of positivity is life changing and unbeatable!
We are up  sitting in a wheel chair, & we lost the large airflow cannula for the oxygen and downsized…She is a tired little girl because she is still fighting the disease but things just keep getting better…


Saturday May 16th, Check out this progress!!!  She was still sleepy, kind of whiny. THEN…. Gracie showed up at the hospital, this is what Sami needed.  She even opened her own envelopes, then asked if everyone wanted to go to the playroom.  She played Wii with the kids and was up in the wheelchair for a couple hours. Still patiently waiting for the blood test results to come back…They send them out of state so it takes forever to get confirmation but the antibiotic she is on is clearly helping kick whatever this is whether it’s Rocky Mountain or not…Baby girl is sleeping peacefully right now…no temp..no oxygen tubes…her vitals will only be taken every 4 hours vs. every hour unless something alarms…She should get some descent sleep tonight along with mom and dad.

Sunday May 17th, It was confirmed last night that I have Rocky Mountain spotted fever. I feel alot better today, haven’t had a temp for over a day.  I sit up in the wheel chair, it is still sore to walk.  With the help of mom & day I can walk into the bathroom.  I had alot of visitors today, even went down to the cafeteria to eat dinner with everyone.  I ate super great.

The anti-biotic is still a regular treatment twice a day. She is not a fan and complains that it burns really bad. But its working.


I told Sami 2 days ago when she wasn’t yet able to walk, talk, or eat that all I wanted for my birthday was to go for a walk with my baby girl…she looked at me with tears in both our eyes and she nodded yes..my birthday isn’t until Friday and Sami has already given me the best gift ever…she ate a solid meal, she is talking very well, she walked to the bathroom and back, and she has smiled so much today….I can’t express enough how deeply relieved, proud,thankful and happy I am..baby girl is soooooooo strong and I love her so very,very much..

feeling excited.

Monday May 18th The Drs. came for their round table with the whole floor staff to update mom & dad how things are progressing.  They had some super duper fantastical news today –I GET TO GO HOME!!!!  I will have to go to occupational & physical therapy in Norfolk for a little while.  Prolly cause my legs are still weak.  That is fine, as long as I can go home.

Now you can come see me – I love visitors.

i survived


Tuesday May 19th It feels so good to be home.  I slept all night.  My feet swelled up from the trip home, but thats ok, it will go away.  I got sick this morning from the antibiotic, mommy called the Dr. and he said that is expected, they changed my Dr. appt. in Norfolk from Friday to tomorrow.  I walked all over the main floor of the house.  It’s great to go to the bathroom by myself again.


Wednesday May 20th I went to Norfolk with mom to the occupational & physical therapy for 2 hours.  Then, I had an appointment with the pediatrician, I have lost 5 pounds. I did pretty good, they said they liked me so much they want me to keep coming back.  So I will go there once a week for awhile.  I am still not real hungry but mom says eat, so I eat.  I am drinking juice and water more now.  The swelling in my feet is going down a little, but I still have to walk slow.  My speech is coming back and I slur, but mom and dad can understand me better.  I will get through this, I have a whole team cheering me on.  I just know, tomorrow is going to be super duper fantabulous, gramma said so.

Thursday May 21st  ” tomorrow is going to be super duper fantabulous, gramma said so.”—–Gramma was so right!!  I did amazing today!!!! Today was the best day we had in the past 20 days…There were no spells at all, no slurs, no vomiting, walking great, awake all day, and ate very well….We made bracelets, colored, attempted to ride my bike (not quite ready but getting there) visited Jason at work, visited Papa Tom Nelson, and enjoyed some afternoon visits at home with Cheryl Bialas-Gilsdorf, Jody Prorok, Uncle Tom, & Gramma Marge… Mommy said I am such a strong girl and I am her hero… (that’s cool right?)

 Friday May 22nd Mommy got her birthday wish, mommy and I went for a walk.  Then she said Taig and I could go play with Lexi.  I am really excited I get to play with my friends again.

Sami Prorok 5 22 15

Saturday May 23rd  Today was a pretty good day.  I didn’t get sick today and it is also the last day I have to take the antibiotic.  Dad has been smoking meat all day going to have company over tonight.  Mikala came to play and we had a great time.

Sunday May 24th  We just hung out at home most of the day.  Didn’t do much.  Lizzy came over in the afternoon and she had a sleep over at my house.

Monday May 25th  I didn’t feel like staying home today, so we went to Columbus.  Went out for dinner with grampa Tom.  I felt great all day.  It is great being off the antibiotics no more puking.  Mommy has to go back to work tomorrow and we will go back to gramma’s.

Tuesday May 26th Had a follow up Drs. appt in Norfolk.  The Dr. said I was doing great.  We don’t have to go back to see him anymore.  I did get car sick on the way there, but all was good.  Gramma didn’t take an extra outfit so grampa bought me more clothes.  Cool huh?? almost like I had that planned.  Today I went frog hunting and caught 4 frogs, put them in gramma’s pond. I think I’ll have a sleep over at gramma’s tonight.

DSC_0056 (3)DSC_0065 

Wednesday May 27th WOW!!!!  what a super fantabulous day.  Gramma keeps saying, “Sami’s back” !! Grampa was teasing me and I could throw punch lines right back at him.  Played alot on the hammock and colored outside, gramma took a desk out there under a tree it was perfect.  Ate really good today, real food no more of the ground up stuff.  Ty came with Eli and Brooke for a little while, we even had a picnic outside.  I got on the big trike today and rode it pretty good, not yet ready for my bike, but I will.  I even argued with Taig a couple times, I’m pretty sure that is why gramma keeps saying, Sami’s back.  As good as I am progressing I don’t even think I will have to go to the physical therapy follow up.  I can do pretty much everything I was doing a month ago, except for my bike.  And grampa said he would fix the training wheel to make it better.

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